Friday, February 20, 2015

An Open Letter to Holly Monteleone

Dear Holly,

     I am writing this to express both gratitude and disappointment. For what it is worth, allow me to state that you are a good representative of EMS overall. You present yourself as a compassionate caregiver and professional Paramedic. You do EMS a great service and as a father and husband of EMT's I am glad to a strong, intelligent, positive female being put forth as a provider. Thank you for this above all else.

     EMS has needed someone like you to be highlighted. Your performance makes us look good while showing that being a burnt out miserable individual is not what we should aspire to be. Your demonstration that good patient care and being positive are needed. Personally, your being inked shows that those of us with tattoos are capable of being professional and courteous. Add in your being well spoken, intelligent, and attractive and we have a rock star paramedic.

    This is why I was disappointed in what you having a negative attitude about Dr. Bledsoe and his criticism of the PAF t-shirt. While overall I consider PAF to be a positive group, as in they tend to not attack science and are great in supporting needed EMS ideals such as the Code Green Campaign. But the T-Shirt that was pointed out is something that while it might seem fun, has a negative impact on the profession. I will go even further if PAF was private I would consider it to be a necessary page.

    Gallows humor and venting frustration is healthy, but I tend to be critical of these things in a public forum. The public can't understand it, and often sees it as being uncaring. I am a small time blogger and this is part of my personal way to relax and blow off steam. But I saw this and felt I should point out that you are now the face of EMS. No individuals like Kelly Grayson, Chris Cebellero, or other provider. You are on television and highly visible. There are those out there that would tear you down. There is a likelihood that you will wind up interviewed on EMS issues. In short you represent us all, and we could do a lot worse. Thank you for reading this if you do, have a great shift, and stay safe my sister.

Roger Morgan

Lone Medic