Monday, December 21, 2015

Not my nicest post ever.

                Arrogance, ego, confidence, terms that are often used to describe paramedics. What is rarely discussed is the people behind the title and how they impact the profession and themselves. We all know the guy who has yet accept anything that wasn’t done in his course. Fellow Blogger Ambulance Driver calls this one year of experience twenty times, by the way, if you haven’t checked out his blog you should. We also know the guy who can constantly quote the newest research and is either breaking protocol or getting orders to do what he wants because he can back up his ideas. From a coworker perspective both of them are frustrating, but let’s be honest, no one wants that first guy taking care of their family.

                Most paramedics fall somewhere in between. They are not actively seeking the best knowledge ever, but they do know that things change and accept it. If you are this guy, don’t hate yourself because you are probably going to be considered a reliable employee, be well liked  by your peers and do a lot of good. This is not a criticism of you.

                There is a need to criticize and worry about the person who hasn’t sought out new knowledge or accepted it. When you are constantly looking to find a reason to defend a practice as barbaric as full spinal immobilization, you are this guy. You can quote all of the cliché’s and not know any of the truth behind them. You sir are a menace to my profession and need to find a less dangerous form of employment. Please, for your patients sake.

                Then there is the research guy. You coworkers tolerate you, because you are often right, but when you make a mistake it tends to be larger. That being said, you do err on the side of your patients. Your problem is you are not considered a team player. You are great at work, but dinner with your coworkers, not so much. Often discussing a ball game, movie, or band is impossible. Here is advice, go see a movie. Let EMS go away for a little while. Remember that there is life outside of the ambulance. Believe me, you can still catch up on research and still enjoy things. Remember Isaac Asimov and Albert Einstein loved the three stooges. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.


Lone Medic.

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